You can switch between the My iTrust Rating and My Vendor Portfolio tabs by clicking on them at the top left navigation bar of your screen. 

Use the Menu button at the left of your screen to navigate the My iTrust Rating tab.

Click on your DASHBOARD tab to see such tabs as OverviewNews FeedMetrics, and Alerts

Click on Overview to see your cybersecurity ratings, an average rating for your industry, a chart of your rating variability, the status of your compliance, and top Alert notifications.

Click on News Feed to see the latest updates of your partners and vendors.

Click on Alerts to see your latest Alert notifications. 

You can find all the details of cybersecurity scanning at the Metrics tab. Hover over the information (i) buttons to see a quick overview of each metric and ways to increase your cybersecurity rating. Click on any Metric in to see a detailed scanning report.

Expand your ASSESSMENTS tab to find your Surveys and Reputation subtabs.


The surveys tab is where you can find your completed surveys and create a new Insider Risk Profile Survey.

Click on the Actions button to Start the survey or Delete it.

The Reputation tab serves as a tool for increasing your Reputation Rating.

Here you can track your Reputation Rating, list of your survey requests, and send new requests of the Reputation Survey completion to your vendors and partners.

COMPLIANCE tab is divided into two subsections: The compliance List tab and the Required compliances tab.

The List tab serves to track your compliance certificates and reports’ expiration dates and upload new ones. 

Required compliance tab

Some of your Enterprise partners may request different types of compliance certificates and reports from you. A list of currently required compliances will be reflected on the Required compliance tab.

PARTNERS tab provides you a list of your Enterprise partners and their main data.

Click on one of your partner’s company names to see additional data and contact information. Click on the Action button and select Disable if you want to disable your Enterprise partner.