Click on the Settings button at the top right of your screen. 

Use Menu at your left to navigate the settings.

Email notifications

Choose Notifications from your navigation menu.

Select the position of the toggle switch to enable or disable Email notifications.


Click on the Users tab to manage users for your account.

To add a new user, press ADD NEW USER at the top right of the screen.

Then, specify the email address of the person that you would like to add. 

You also need to select a role for the new user. You can choose from such options as UserManager, and Administrator.

Once both fields are completed, press ADD USER to confirm or Close to dismiss.

Invited users will receive an email with further instructions and links to set up their password.

Click on the Action button to edit or delete the user.

Press the Edit button to start editing your or another user’s profile.

Here you can edit your username, last name, email, position, phone, and role.

Press SAVE to keep changes or CANCEL to discard. 

IP Addresses

Select IP Addresses at the left of your screen.

Click Select File to choose a file with multiple IP addresses in .csv format. 

Click Send to upload the file.

You can add each IP address manually. To do so, enter an IP in a proper field depending on the type of IP address. Then, click Add to confirm. 

To add IP v4 Range, enter your IP v4 range in CIDR format in the proper field. Fill the CIDR box and press Add to confirm.

Press SAVE to keep changes.

You can exclude any of your IP addresses by clicking the button on the existing IP.


Select Configuration at the left of your screen.

Click the Edit button to add or remove Statuses.

Enter the new status name into the highlighted field. Press Add to confirm. You can exclude any of your Status names by clicking the button on the existing ones. 

Press SAVE to keep changes or CANCEL to discard.

You can use Statuses to mark your vendors at your own discretion. For example - to track your vendor’s risk rating or to mark them with your own short notes.

To assign a Status to any of your vendors, go to the VENDORS, List tab (My Vendor Portfolio), and select a new Status from a collapsible list for each vendor of yours.